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Penn State Alumni Association Through the Years

1870 Penn State Alumni Association established.

1898 First Penn State alumni chapter established, in Pittsburgh.

1910 Penn State Alumni Quarterly published (until 1918).

1911 First organized class reunion held. First international "club" formed in Panama. 

1914 Penn State Alumni News—the forerunner to The Penn Stater magazine—first published.

1920 First alumni Homecoming celebration, then called "Harvest Days."

1938 First Football Letter published (It's only had two authors: Ridge Riley ’32 and John Black ’62).

1947 First Alumni Association-sponsored tour to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

1951 Distinguished Alumni Awards established.

1968 First Alumni Association tour abroad, to Europe.

1970 Membership hits 25,000.

1972 Penn State Alumni News becomesThe Penn Stater. 

1973 First Honorary Alumni Award presented to former University President John Oswald. Alumni Fellow Award established.

1981 Lion Ambassadors program started.

1985 First Black Alumni Reunion

1986 First alumni association with an official license plate.

1987 Alumni Association membership reaches 100,000.

1995 Alumni Association becomes the largest dues-paying alumni association with 125,000 members.

1999 Alumni Association opens online store, The Alumni Store.

2000 "Margin for Excellence" endowment for philanthropic gifts to the University established.

2001 Hintz Family Alumni Center dedicated.

2004 Alumni Association membership exceeds 150,000.

2005 Alumni Achievement Award begins.

2006 Alumni Gardens dedicated.

2007 The Penn Stater magazine is named No. 1 university magazine; AlumnInsider, a monthly e-newsletter, debuts.

2008 Alumni Walk dedicated.

2010 The Penn Stater celebrates 100 years.

2011 Alumni Association reaches 100,000 life member mark, tops 165,000 members overall.

2012 Alumni Association reaches 20,000 associate (e.g. friend) members — the largest for a dues-paying alumni association. 

2013 Alumni Courtyard dedicated.

2014 Alumni Association receives its largest gift in its 143-year history. Matthew and Anne Schuyler donate $1 million gift commitment to endow the Alumni Association's Lion Ambassador program. 

2014 Alumni Association's membership increases for twelfth consecutive year, tops 174,000 members overall; sustaining life member program participation grows to 9,000 members, $623,000.  

2015 Alumni Association membership reaches 177,307 with 110,119 life members and 67,188 annual members; one out of every eight Penn State students belongs to the Blue & White Society, the Alumni Association's student membership contingent; and sustaining life member program garners $646,027 from 9,551 participants.

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