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Frequently Asked Questions

Penn State Alumni Association License Plate


Do I have to be a member of the Alumni Association to get this plate?

Yes, only members are eligible to receive this plate. A different Pennsylvania Penn State plate is available to all Penn Staters and fans. 

Can I personalize my license plate?

Yes, the Penn State Alumni Association plate can now be personalized for an additional $100 fee which goes directly to PennDOT. Please see the application for instructions and how to check number availability.

Does ordering the plate have any impact on my current registration?

No. The plate fee is payable one time only. When your new plate arrives it will include a new sticker and registration card. Your registration due date and dollar amount on your yearly registration will remain the same. 

How much does it cost to get an Alumni Association plate?

The total cost to receive the plate is $79.00 with $29.00 going to PennDOT for the processing fee and plate fee and $50.00 is considered a fully–deductible donation which helps to fund student programs. The $50.00 is a one–time contribution; the Alumni Association does not charge an annual fee for this special plate.

Note: When applying for your plate, you need only write one check for $79.00 payable to Penn State University. The Alumni Association will forward the $29.00 due to PennDOT, along with the approved application.   

I am moving to Pennsylvania. Can I apply for a plate?

You must first register your car in Pennsylvania before you apply for a Penn State Alumni Association plate. 

How long does it take to get my new plate?

Specialty plates such as the Penn State Alumni Association plate take approximately ten (10) weeks from when the Alumni Association receives your application and payment. 

I would like to buy an Alumni Association plate for my child who is graduating this year, but the car she uses is registered under my name. How can I do this?

If both parent and child are Alumni Association members, the license plate application should be completed by the parent. The person whose name is on the application must be a current Alumni Association member and listed on the registration of the car. Non–alums may join the Alumni Association as associate members. 


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