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Be a Career Resource


Looking for ways to help current Penn State students and alumni in their career development? We need you to be a career resource! It’s as easy as sharing a job lead, serving as a networking connection, or offering an insider’s perspective into your field or organization.

  • You can chose which resources you want to provide. We have Alumni who are involved in many areas, or just a few, depending on what suits your time and interests.
  • We want career resources from all types of Alumni! You can be a valuable resource from day one in your job forward. You don't need to be a Director or CEO to have great advice for those just starting out in their careers.
  • Not near Penn State? Not a recruiter? That's ok! We want our career resources to be as diverse as the student body they are helping. Students and Alumni want to talk to career coaches that live where they're headed, took the same classes they took or were involved in the same activities.

How you can help:

Be a resource, and help other Penn Staters reach their career goals!

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