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Career Advancement Resources

Career Advancement Resources

Alumni Career Services in D.C.

Careers are a life long journey. What is the saying – it is not the destination by the journey? We can help! Recent grads to recently retired can all access tools to help them with their journey. Some examples of how we can assist:


Gather Information About Yourself

What are your interests? What are your abilities? What are your values? What motivates you? We offer various resources to help you understand yourself in the context of the world of work.  These may be difficult questions to answer, but with guidance from our career staff we can help you plan for your future.

Gather Information About Occupations

It is important to understand that choice of major does not always indicate a specific career path.  You may have many occupations you are considering and we can help you identify careers that would best fit you.  The resources listed here focus on job requirements, salary expectations and trends in hiring.

Get the Tools You Need

Now that you've gained the necessary information about yourself and occupations, it is time to narrow down your career choices and make decisions.  Our office can help you with an individual appointment to discuss your choices along with reviewing your resume and cover letter and conducting mock interviews, etc.

Stay Relevant in Your Career

It is always important to stay relevant within your job because of outsourcing, cost-cutting, and downsizing that happens everyday.  To do so, we encourage alumni to remain up to date with trends and developments within their occupation, update your skills and qualifications, and continually stay educate.  We have gathered resources to help you stay abreast in your field.


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