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Jonathan C. Savage ’82 EMS

Jonathan C. Savage ’82 EMSJonathan C. Savage ’82 EMS
Ewing, N.J.
Vice President
Pennoni Associates, Philadelphia


Statement: Higher education should meaningfully prepare students for 21st century employment opportunities. I believe Penn State can effectively prepare our graduates and alumni to prosper economically; this will be my focus as your representative to the Alumni Council.

Since 2014, I’ve been a member of Penn State Brandywine’s Advisory Board and on the Internship, Development, and Facilities committees, focused on increasing student internships and fundraising. One fulfilling activity at Brandywine involves mentoring students, assisting them in developing realistic strategies for achieving their education and career objectives. At Penn State, I was an Acacia fraternity member, participated in intramural sports, student leadership, and fundraisers. Currently, I’m a vice president/principal for a significant Philadelphia engineering firm (Pennoni Associates), where I have forged meaningful relationships that meet our clients’ objectives, while regularly mentoring our employees.

My education history includes nine years as a K-12 School Board member, serving as president for five years. My main objectives involved developing annual budgets without tax increases, while ensuring student preparedness for college and/or career goals.

I’m a Penn State Alumni Association Life Member and active in Philadelphia/New Jersey alumni groups. As an Alumni Council member, I vow to represent all Penn State Alumni members, continue to further PSU’s mission of “excellence in education,” and to ensure every graduate has the opportunity to be employed in their respective field of academic studies.

We Are …

(Life member, Penn State Alumni Association; member, Penn State Brandywine Advisory Board; Internship, Development Campaign, and Facilities Committees; member, Penn State Grassroots Network; member, Penn State Great Valley IPAC Committee; member, Penn State Acacia Fraternity)

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