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Heather M. Wolfe ’14 H&HD

Heather M. Wolfe ’14 H&HDHeather M. Wolfe ’14 H&HD
Oxford, Pa.
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Lincoln University
NovaCare Rehabilitation


Statement: I credit Penn State with developing me into the person I am today. I feel that I owe the University a debt of service that I am more than happy and willing to serve.

During my senior semester, I served as the Senior Class Gift Committee’s vice president and events chair. In this role, I reached out to students attempting to foster an attitude of philanthropy towards the university. Through this experience, I learned that while students all had different experiences at the University each had a unique favorite activity that inspired them to give back. Seeing the variety of individualized student experiences inspired me to continue my service to the University as a lifelong commitment.

The Senior Class Gift Committee also provided me with numerous opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. These out-of-the-classroom experiences are part of what make Penn State students sought after by employers. We need to ensure these activities are available students. Penn State’s large alumni network creates great potential to provide students with interactions with experts in their field. If elected, I hope to work with the Alumni Council to develop opportunities for student-alumni engagement, as well as fostering an attitude of giving in students that will grow as they continue life as alumni.

I am truly honored to be on the ballot for Alumni Council this year. I thank you for your time and the opportunity to continue my service to the university. For the Glory!

(Member, Penn State Alumni Association; member, Chester County Chapter; vice president and events chair, Penn State Senior Class Gift of 2014; treasurer, Penn State Student Athletic Training Club; member, Women’s Leadership Initiative; member, Blue & White Society; Volunteer Student Usher; independent dancer candidate, Penn State Dance Marathon)

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