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Grassroots Network General Header

Grassroots Network

For the Glory. For the Future. For Penn State.

Whether you can spare a few hours or a few minutes, you can make a difference as a champion for Penn State—join the Penn State Grassroots Network.

More than 30,000 Grassroots Network volunteers are making a big difference advocating for Penn State’s future—will you add your voice?

In as little as a few minutes a month, volunteers are communicating Penn State's needs to the Pennsylvania governor, state legislators, and members of Congress. Grassroots Network volunteers are pivotal in addressing the issues that are important to Penn State and the Penn State community, such as:

    • keeping tuition increases as low as possible;
    • raising the quality of a Penn State education;
    • keeping its Commonwealth Campuses strong; and
    • preserving the value of a Penn State degree.


Join the Grassroots Network today.

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